Imam Ahmed Rida: Subjects of the Fatawah

Published on Monday, 23 April 2012 17:42 in Fatawa - Read 2939 times

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Taken from ‘Ahl as-Sunnah wa al-Jama’ah: an Introduction’Imam Ahmed Raza Barelwi in his fatawa – like other scholars of Ahlu’s Sunnah – has enjoined Muslims to be steadfast in their belief and better their social standing. These are available as small booklets and following are the subjects of his fatawa:

- Shari’ah is the ultimate law and following it is obligatory for all Muslims;

- to refrain from Bid’ah is of utmost importance 

- a Sufi without knowledge or a Shaykh without actions is a joke of the devil;

- it is impermissible to imitate the Kuffar, to mingle with the misguided [and heretics] and to participate in the festivals of the Hindus.

- it is polytheism [shirk] to prostrate to any other than Allah táālā with the intention of worship. And if such a prostration is out of reverence [sajdah at-taĥiyyah], it is Haram.

- it is prohibited to ridicule other muslims and consider oneself higher than others.

- the iconography of the Shi`ah [ta’aziyah] and respecting such icons is forbidden

- Qawwali [sama’a] with musical instruments is forbidden

- it is not permissible for women to travel to visit graves [or maqams of awliya]

- it is not permissible to make pictures of living things.

- abbreviating the blessing ‘sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam’ to an acronym ‘sa’d lam ayn meem’, [in english it is abbreviated as PBUH] is impermissible

- to visit fake graves [that have no basis or record but simply the product of folklore] is impermissible 

- feeding the poor and needy with the intention to donate the reward to the dead is permissible; but to hold obsequies and banquets where even the rich are invited is impermissible 

Translated by Sidi Muhammad Aqdas

Read 2938 times