Leftover Food of a Kafir

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What is the ruling of the Ulama-e-Ahle Sunnat concerning whether the Jhoota (Food which has already been eaten from) of a kaafir (unbeliever) is paak (clean) or not? Please make sure everything has been translated into Urdu, so that the general public may understand properly.

The Answer: A kaafir is Na paak (impure). Almighty Allah says, “The Unbeliever is completely impure.” (Surah Tauba verse 28) والله تعالٰی اعلم

Here, there impurity refers to their inner impurity. Now, if there is evidence of alcohol or any other impure substance in their mouth, then impurity also becomes apparent and in such case, their jhoota is definitely impure and whatever their saliva touches such as Huqqa etc. will all become na paak. It is in Tanweerul Absaar: “The jhoota of a person after consuming alcohol and the jhoota of a cat after eating mice are both impure.”

In the same way, if the moustache of a kaafir who takes alcohol is so big that the alcohol gets onto it, then whatever it touches, such as water etc. will be impure and this is until he does not thoroughly clean it.”

If there is no sign of apparent impurities then even though his jhoota will not be called na paak like that of a dogs, “It is in Tanweerul Absaar and Durar that the jhoota of humans is regarded as pure, even though it is that of person in state of Junoob (in need of ghusl), or a kaafir, condition that his mouth is paak.”

In brief, It is not necessary that everything which is not na paak is totally pure and without defects. The mucus from the nose is also not regarded as na paak, but which intelligent person will have the audacity of licking it with ones tongue or lips? Muslims, Alhumdulillah feel the same way and have the same dislike concerning the jhoota of a kaafir and this dislike is based on their Imaan:

“And this is to remove or make less the dislike of the Kufaar from their hearts and their sights, and this is disloyalty to the Muslims. Verily the Ulama have clarified this just as it has been mentioned in Uqood Dariya. Verily the Mufti must give that fatwa (verdict) which according to him is best for the Muslims and the best thing for the Muslims is to keep in them the dislike for the Kufaar, and not in removing this (dislike).”

Thus, one who intentionally eats and drinks the jhoota of kaafir is also disliked by other Muslims. He becomes one concerning whom people have suspicions. They suspect him to have love and friendship with the Kufaar. It is in the Hadith Shareef as follows: “One, who has faith in Allah and the last day, should not stand in suspicious places.” 

The Prophet (Sall Allaho alaihi wasallam) has stated in numerous Hadith: “Stay away from that which is bad to hear.”

رواه الامام احمد عن ابی الغادیة والطبرانی فی الکبیر و ابن سعد فی طبقات و العسکری فی الامثال و ابن مندة فی المعرفة والخطیب فی الموتلف کلھم عن ام الغادیة عمة العاص بن عمرو الطفاوی و عبدالله بن احمد الامام فی الزوائد المسند و ابو نعیم و ابن مندة کلا ھمافی العرفة عن العاص المذکور مرسله و ابونعیم فیھا عن حبیب بن الحارث رضی الله تعالی عنھم

Also the Prophet (Sall Allaho alaihi wasallam) has stated in numerous Hadith as follows: “Stay away from every such thing for which you have to present an excuse.” 

رواه الضیاء فی المختارة والدیلمی کلا ھمابسند حسن عن انس و الطبرانی فی الاوسط عن جابر و ابن بنیع و من طریقة العسکری فی امثاله والقضاعی فی مسنده معا و البغوی و من طریقة الطبرانی فی اوسطه والمخلص فی السادس من فوائده و ابو محمد الابراھیمی فی کتاب ا لصلٰوة و ابن النجار فی تاریخه کلھم عن ابن عمرو و الحاکم فی صحیحه و البیھقی فی الزھد و العسکری فی الامثال و ابو نعیم فی المعرفة عن سعد بن ابی وقاص و احمد و ابن ماجة بسند احسن و ابن عساکر عن ابی ایوب الانصاری کلھم رافیعه الی النبی صلی الله تعالٰی علیه وسلم والبغاری فی تاریخه و الطبرانی فی الکبیروابن مندة عن سعد بن عمارة من قوله رضی الله تعالٰی عنھم اجمعین

And the Prophet (Sall Allaho alaihi wasallam) says, “Give glad tidings and do not do that which causes dislike (hatred) amongst the people.”

Then, to open this topic without valid reason in Shariat is ghibat and ghibat is haraam. (فما ادى اليه فلااقل ان يكون مكرها)

Thus it has been proven from evidence of Shariah and sahih Ahadith that it is necessary to abstain from the jhoota of unbelievers:

And numerous laws in times differ due to difference of opinion based on the difference of the era and situation. The proofs of this are those Furoo (practical laws) which are gathered in the books of the Imams. This is which I (Aala Hazrat) have and with this, I have given the fatwa on numerous occasions, and Allah Almighty is my Rubb. My complete trust is in Him and my proof is from Him, and Allah, All Pure, Almighty, knows well everything.”


والله تعالٰی اعلم

كتبه عبده المذنب احمد رضا عفى عنه


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