woh su'ey laalah zaar phirtey haiN [Translation]

Published on Monday, 23 April 2012 18:57 in Hada'iq e Bakshish - Read 5558 times

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Translation by Asif Jehangir

woh su'ey laalah zaar phirtey haiN
tere din ay bahaar phirtey haiN
He is coming towards the tulip-fields
Your fortune, O' Spring, is about to shine!

jo terey dar se yaar phirtey haiN
dar ba dar yuN hi khaar phirtey haiN
Those who turn away from your gate, Beloved
Wander aimlessly, disgraced, from door to door

aah kal `aysh to kiye hum ne
aaj woh be qaraar phirtey haiN

Alas! We spent our yesterdays seeking pleasure
And today he is anxious on our behalf! 
[note: this is a description of Judgement Day. The Messenger 
is concerned about the welfare of His Ummah!]

har charaaghe mazaar par qudsee
kaysa parwaanah waar phirtey haiN
At every lamp around his tomb 
Angels do throng like moths! 

us gali kaa gadaa huN maiN jis meiN
maangtey taajdaar phirtey haiN
I'm a servant of that alley in which
Even kings wander like beggars!

jaan haiN jaan kyaa nazar aaye
kyuN `adu gird e ghaar phirtey haiN
They are as the soul; why should they be visible?
The enemies wander pointlessly around the cave!

[Note: an allusion to the incident when during the Hegira, the Prophet and Sayyidina Abu Bakr hid in the cave and the pagan Arabs searched for them fruitlessly outside]

phuul kyaa dekhuN meri aankhoN meiN
dasht e taybah ke khaar phirtey haiN
How can I notice the flowers? In my eyes
Are swimming the thorns of Madina's dust.

laakhoN qudsi haiN kaam e khidmat par
laakhoN gird e mazaar phirtey haiN
Countless angels are there as servants
Countless angels circumambulate the Tomb

rakhiye jaise haiN khaana zaad haiN hum
mol ke `ayb daar phirtey haiN
Accept us however we are, for we are of thy nation
Many such worthy sinners do wander here!

haay ghaafil woh kyaa jagaah hai jahaaN
paanch jaatey haiN chaar phirtey haiN
Ah! What place is that O' one who is drowned in this world?
Where five go, four return! 

jaag sun saan ban hai raat aayee
gurg bahr e shikaar phirtey haiN
Awaken! Tis quiet and dangerous, night approaches
Wolves are circling here on a hunt!

nafs ye koyi chaal hai zaalim
jayse khaaSey bijaar phirtey haiN

Is this a trick of yours O' Ego?
As if such profligates wander around here!

koyi kyuN puuche teri baat razaa
mujh se kuttay hazaar phirtey haiN
Why should anyone ask about you O' Raza?
Many dogs wander here in this place! 

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