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  • Zakah on Trade Goods

    Question Salam Alaikum If a person has ordered some merchandise which he will sell for profit but it has not arrived yet and is thus not in his possession does he pay zakat on it? JazakAllah Usman Ali Al-Jawaab: Wa Alaykum Al-Salam If a tradesman has made an advanced payment Read More
  • Sequence and Length of Surahs in Taraweeh Salah

    Question As Salaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu Q1. If I'm praying taraweeh and in the first 1st rak'at I pray Surah Kawthar, 2nd rak'at I pray Surah Nasr by mistake. Then on the next rak'at can I pray Surah Kaafiroon and then Surah Nasr again? Q2. If I pray Surah Fil Read More
  • Imam stays silent in 3rd Rak'at of Witr Salah

    Question Salaam In Ramadan when imam leads witr, he stays silent in 3rd rakat (reads fatiha and surah quietly) and calls taqbeer for qunoot and goes into ruku thereafter. sajda sawh necessary or not? Your Duas on these blessed nights. Answer Wa Alaykum Al-Salam It is Waajib to recite Read More
  • Warning against fake peers

    WARNING AGAINST FAKE PEERS Some signs of fake peers which are common in today’s society: He is generally an open sinner with a very short or non-existing beard, or extremely long hair. He is lenient in the commands of Shari’ah. He picks and chooses what to follow from Shari’ah. He Read More
  • Kissing and foreplay while fasting

    Question Assalamualykum. Is kissing and foreplay allowed with wife during fasting. What is the ruling on fast if madhiyy is produced during fasting. Is having a bath necessary after madhiyy. Also same question regarding ruling on fast and requirement of bath after emisssion of maniyy. May you be rewarded. Answer Read More
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