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  • Warning against fake peers

    WARNING AGAINST FAKE PEERS Some signs of fake peers which are common in today’s society: He is generally an open sinner with a very short or non-existing beard, or extremely long hair. He is lenient in the commands of Shari’ah. He picks and chooses what to follow from Shari’ah. He Read More
  • Kissing and foreplay while fasting

    Question Assalamualykum. Is kissing and foreplay allowed with wife during fasting. What is the ruling on fast if madhiyy is produced during fasting. Is having a bath necessary after madhiyy. Also same question regarding ruling on fast and requirement of bath after emisssion of maniyy. May you be rewarded. Answer Read More
  • Reciting the Qur'an loudly when praying Salah alone

    Question Assalamu Alaykum Wa RahmatUllahi Wa Barakatahu, Hazrat, My question isIs it must to pray Fajr, Maghrib and Isha Prayers Loudly even when praying alone?I am working in saudi arab and most of the time since i be in office i pray alone but i pray quietly because if i pray Read More
  • Wearing and selling gold and metal watches

    Question Asalaamualaokum Hazrat. I'de like to know if it is permissible to sell gold coloured or any other coloured metal watches for ladies. Answer Wa alaykumussalamMen are only permitted to wear one silver ring whereas women are permitted to wear items of both silver and gold. However, for both men Read More
  • When will Sayyiduna Isa alayhis salam arrive?

    Question As'Salamu'Alaykum. Is there an approximate hijri year that the Sunni Ulema with esoteric knowledge have predicted that Isa (Alayhi'Salam) will arrive again onto planet earth? As it is 1437 [hijri] now, is the arrival very soon or 100's of years away? Answer Wa alaykumussalam Imam Ahmad Rida predicted that Read More
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