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  • Qurbani for children and for those who have passed away

    Question I have been told that Qurbani is not required for children even if one has the affordability. Is this accurate? Can one also do Qurbani for members of family who have passed-on? Al-Jawaab 1. The correct opinion upon which Fatwa is given in the Hanafi Mazhab is that Udhiya Read More
  • Salah behind an Imam who prays behind a Tafzili

    Question Al-Salaam 'Alaykum Dear Respected Scholars of Islam, What is the Shar'i ruling regarding Zayd, a Sunni Imam, who prays Salah behind a Tafzili and invites him to his gatherings whilst knowing of his bad beliefs. Is praying Salah behind such an Imam permissible? Answer Wa alaykum as salam There Read More
  • Salah when Imam's Aqeedah is unknown at University Society run by deviants

    Question اَلسّلامُ عَلیْکُم و رَحْمَۃُ اللّٰہِ و بَرَکا تُہ Hope you are in the best of health. I am currently at university and we have an Islamic society (isoc) here it is run by wahabis/salafis/najdis, they have jamaat salah which is usually led by students, I don't know whether the Read More
  • When to raise the finger in Tashahud

    Question bismillaah, assalaamu alaykum dear mufti saheb, I am a Hanafi muslim and I would like to know how to do isharah with the index finger while praying tashahhud in salaah? Please give also the references and dalil. Answer Wa alaykum as salam Raising the finger in al-tahiyyat is sunnah. The Read More
  • Constructing a toilet facing the Qiblah

    Question I need to construct a toilet and sink in a very small washroom. In order to be able to do wudu in that washroom, I will need to install the toilet in such a way that the person will end up facing the qibla or have their back towards Read More
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