Sar Suey Roza [Translation]

Published on Monday, 23 April 2012 18:49 in Hada'iq e Bakshish - Read 4666 times

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Translation by Prof G.D Qureshi

1. Why do you grumble if my head bowed towards the Prophet’s grave involuntarily?
O Najdi! Why do you grumble? My heart was in a state of prostration unintentionally.

2. While sitting or standing I exclaimed “Yaa Rasoolallah” whole-heartedly;
Why do you grumble, if I sought and got help from the Prophet mercifully?

3. I rose from selfishness to a sphere of selfless dedication;
Why do you grumble if I remembered his holy name with devotion.

4. I may have circumambulated or prostrated in a state of spiritual upliftment;
Why do you grumble? The experience gave me inner contentment.

5. Allah has delegated this authority to His Beloved and Last Messenger;
Why do you grumble if I have described the Prophet as our Master.

6. To uphold his name I have risked my heart, property and my honour;
Why do you grumble if I have sacrificed everything for my Master?

7. ‘O my servants -Yaa Ibaadee’ said to us Allah’s Beloved Messenger;
Why do you grumble at the conferment of this honour on us by our master?

8. O Deobandi! The Prophet has not addressed these words to your community;
Why do you grumble when you never did nor ever will pledge to him your loyalty?

9. The Quran says ‘Laa Yaoodoom’: They will never return to the fold of loyalty:
Why do you grumble? Just understand that you are excluded till eternity.

10. We profoundly respect the sacred desert that surrounds Taybah;
Why do you grumble to assess whether it is equal to or more than Makkah?

11. O Najdi! You burn with jealously when we hold the Prophet in high esteem;
Why do you grumble at our adhering to this article of ‘Deen’ Supreme.

12. Your Ghost ‘Deo’ is happy with you; we have no reason to feel annoyed;
Why do you grumble, if Allah is pleased with us and we are overjoyed.

13 O Deobandis! We do not object to your following your arrogant master;
Why do you grumble, if we are sincere devotees of Allah’s Merciful Messenger?

14. O Najdis! Nobody has stolen anything from your Hell;
Why do you grumble, if Raza has arrived in Heaven safe and quite well? 

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